Thermal Barrier

Unprotected spray foam insulation can be a fire hazard, especially in a home setting. Thermal barriers are advanced materials applied between spray foam insulation and interior spaces, and are designed to detain the temperature rise of the foam during a fire situation, or to avert the foams involvement in a fire. Yvon Insulation are experts in spray foam insulation, and can provide the technical expertise required in choosing the right thermal barrier product for the job. The types of thermal barriers that we employ are:

  • Intumescent Fireproof Coatings (for exposed structural steel, attics and crawlspaces)
  • Mineral Fiber Fireproofing (for metal decking, steel joists and structural steel columns in an interior or semi-exposed location)
  • Protective Fireproofing Systems (for interior structural steel applications)

Yvon Insulation provides one-source thermal barrier services to satisfy high-demand project needs in or around St. Catharines. Our expert team will help you select the right thermal barrier product for your home or business, manage the entire installation process, and ensure that the application meets or exceeds the highest standard. Contact us for your thermal barrier needs in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Grimsby, Stoney Creek, Hamilton or other regions of Southern Ontario, today!

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